Web tip: Google Calendar and Remember the Milk

Web tip: Google Calendar and Remember the Milk

I use a number of web-based tools for both my regular work and for blogging and I periodically mention some of them in case they may be of any use to you.

Two tools I use every day are Google Calendar and Remember the Milk, and now they work together quite smoothly.

Google Calendar

Every computer comes with a calendar program built in, whether it’s Outlook on Windows or iCal on the Mac. But the problem is that they’re only in one place: on your computer. What if you have a computer at home and a computer at work? What if you have a laptop and a desktop? And you don’t always have a computer handy. Google Calendar, like other online calendars, solves that problem. You can access the calendar from any computer and even any web-enabled device, including many modern cell phones. But the goodness doesn’t stop there.

A calendar isn’t very useful if you can’t enter information into it and if you’re like me, if you don’t do it right away, you’re likely to forget to do so. That’s the beauty of Google Calendar: It gives you so many ways to enter new events into your calendar. I can email it from any computer to a unique email address I’m given when I sign up. I can send an SMS text message from my cell phone. I can even use a neat bit of software on my Mac called Quicksilver, which does a whole lot more than this, to press a hot-key, type in my new event information, and let it update the calendar for me. A great aspect is that Google Calendar lets you enter your event information in plain English. Type in: “Isabella doctor appointment three weeks from today at 8:30 am at Dr. Morgan’s office, 78 Highland Avenue,” and it will not only list it correctly, it will include a link to Google Maps for the doctor’s office.

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