We have CINOs, but Jews have JINOs

We have CINOs, but Jews have JINOs

One of the big controversies of 2004’s elections was the problem of politicians who claim to be Catholic, yet dissent from fundamental Church teaching in a way that in a previous age they would be denounced as heretics. Come to think of it, it wasn’t just the ‘04 elections.

In any case, the Boston Globe’s token conservative columnist, Jeff Jacoby, addresses the same issue from a Jewish perspective with Abramoff scandal.

BY HIS own admission, Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff is a crook. But that isn’t the worst that can be said about him. ... The worst is that Abramoff is a Jew. Not only a Jew, but an Orthodox Jew—someone who claims to be committed to strictly observing Jewish law and faithfully adhering to the Torah’s ethical standards. But instead of upholding those ethical standards Abramoff trampled on them, and a ‘‘religious” Jew who behaves so corruptly disgraces not only himself but all religious Jews. He brings his faith into contempt. He is guilty of what Jewish tradition calls, with disgust, ‘‘chillul ha-Shem”—a desecration of God’s name. For me—also an observant Jew—that is the worst thing of all.

Interesting to see it from a different point of view. I wonder why liberals aren’t screaming for Jacoby’s head now by imposing religious sensibilities on political matters. Oh right, because they see the Abramoff scandal as a way to attack Republicans.

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  • that last comment is flat wrong, and frankly anti-semitic. There are plenty of loud obnoxious liberals who are NOT jews, so please…

  • No group has a monopoly on being loud.

    Not many politicians in the media are more vocal and liberal than Schumer, Boxer and Feinstein. That of course is WHY they are always in the news. Ted Kennedy of course is THE LOUDEST and most OBNOXIOUS (your word) politician I can think of but he is Catholic by the mere technicality of his baptism. Joe Leiberman is such a soft-spoken Jewish senator that hardly anybody rushes up to him with a microphone.

    My opinion stands.