“We got him!”

“We got him!”

I’m watching right now the press conference from Baghdad that Saddam Hussein has been captured. Yes! This couldn’t have been better news. The insurgent attacks should begin to end, the Iraqi people will now be more open to building a new Iraq without worrying that the snake will return to power.

And politically, I can’t wait to see how the Democrats try to turn this against Bush. Oh, they will try: “Yeah, but what about Osama bin Laden.” Or some such inanity. I wish I could see the US soldiers in Iraq right now, probably smoking cigars in celebration.

Update: What is it with blustering evil tyrants that for all their bravado and rhetoric they usually take the coward’s way out? Hitler committed suicide rather than face Allied troops and Saddam hid in a hole in the ground. Not so confident without a brutal regime at his back.

The reaction of the Iraqi reporters in the briefing in Baghdad was amazing. They cheered as the announcement was made and then even more when they saw the videotape, crying out “Glory to God!” It gave me chills and reminded me of how this man had brutalized his people, and now that they have visual evidence that he is gone, the final breath is let loose. Yes, when the Coalition liberated Baghdad, there was cheering and celebration, but it seemed many of them were waiting for the other shoe to drop, for Saddam to return to power somehow, like a bad dream that isn’t quite over. And now that he is truly in custody, they can awake and believe in a future without him.

Another point, if you’ve seen the TV pictures, you’ve seen the tiny hole that Saddam was hiding in. Every time US troops came into the area, he would bolt into this hole, almost impossible to find, and only by a miracle. It is just as hard to find WMD, which can be hidden just as easily.

I hope that now that Saddam is in custody they can get him to tell them where the WMD is, although he might refuse to incriminate himself.

Update 2: I haven’t looked yet, but I can just imagine the Angry Left posting on their radical web sites, not thinking of what a great day this is for Iraq, America, and the world, but bemoaning that this is good for Bush.