Watchdog group threatens to expose prominent priests

Watchdog group threatens to expose prominent priests

Okay, I don’t really have a lot of time for blogging today, but everyone’s been emailing me this story today, so I should say something. A new watchdog Catholic group in the Minneapolis archdiocese is fed up with the monkey business. The Dan O’Connell Society says it has the goods on certain high-ranking priests in the archdiocese and if they don’t come clean and resign, the group will release damning evidence about them.

The most prominent figure on the list is the diocesan Vicar General, Rev. Kevin McDonough, who prior to his appointment as Vicar General in 1992 was the diocesan Chancellor and the Rector of the local seminary.

Rev. Dale Korogi, who took over from McDonough as Rector of St John Vianney Seminary from 1990 until 1992 and is currently the pastor of Christ the King parish, has also been asked to resign.  Finally, Rev. Jerome Boxleitner, who headed Catholic Charities and St Joseph Orphanage in the diocese and is now retired, has been asked to end his relationship with the diocese.

The society admits it is unpleasant to name names but states its case this way: “It is distasteful to name names, but it is individuals who are responsible for the corruption of the priesthood, not the Church itself. It is better to name the traitors than to dishonor Christ’s reputation and the purity of the ancient priesthood.”

The group sounds a lot like Roman Catholic Faithful. I hope they really have the goods because if they don’t they’ve opened themselves up not only to civil penalties, but also canonical penalties. On the other hand, as I’ve documented over the past couple of weeks, there is a sickness in the heart of the archdiocese that really needs to be cleaned up.

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Domenico Bettinelli