Was it a hate crime?

Was it a hate crime?

People who say that the category called “hate crimes” gives rise to a double standard point to the Geoghan case as an example.

The Culture and Family Institute says that we won’t see a hate crimes outcry over the Geoghan murder—the confessed killer is a known gay-hater who killed a homosexual before—because they “don’t want homosexuality associated with pedophilia and therefore wish this would go away.” Robert Knight says, “But of course, Fr. Geoghan’s problem was homosexuality with a pedophiliac emphasis.”

The article quotes some gay rights, hate-crimes championing groups as having no comment, while another clearly thinks it is a hate crime. But Knight’s point is that the case proves again that brutality should be severely punished regardless of the group identity of the victim or the motivation of the criminal. As for the hate crimes advocates: “They seem interested in motive only if it forwards a particular agenda.”