Was archbishop a Red spy?

Was archbishop a Red spy?

The Archdbishop of Bratislava, Slovakia, was an agent for the Czechoslovakian secret police before the fall of Communism, according to a report in a Scottish newspaper. It says Archbishop Jan Sokol was listed in secret police records in 1989, just months before being elevated to archbishop. The archbishop had no comment, but will issue a written statement later this month, according to his secretary.

  • If he was a spy, then the next obvious question is who else was?  I think Bella Dodd would have been pleased to read that article.

  • It will be interesting to read what the Abp. has to say in his forthcoming statement. While it may indeed be true – there were Polish clerics who were ‘collaborators’ also – I wonder at the timing.

    It says he was listed as an agent “months before being elevated to Archbishop…” You wonder if this is really the case or was it an attempt by the police to damage him and spike the Vatican’s guns?

    Just a thought from a cynical mind…