War heroes

War heroes

Melanie and I have been discussing movies lately, including movies that present good, honest characters who exhibit strong values, movies that embody the Christian Truths. And then tonight my friend Dave recommended a movie that he thinks embodies those characteristics, called “To End All Wars”. It’s a war movie about WWII, British prisoners of the Japanese, the Railway of Death, self-sacrifice, and honor. 

Melanie and I both came to the conclusion that one of the few places where you can find movie characters that really do embody those Christian values and truths is in war movies. Certainly not all war movies. The recent “Jarheads” is an example. But I think of movies like Mel Gibson’s “We Were Soldiers”, Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson’s “K-19 - The Widowmaker”, Nicholas Cage’s “Windtalkers”, and Tom Berenger’s “One Man’s Hero” come to mind off the top of my head.

There is something about portraying men at war (or preparing for war) that embodies the concepts of honor and truth and self-sacrifice, and brotherly love and so much more.

Can anyone think of other movies that fit this trend?

Update: Melanie wants me to add that her point was more specific related to the depiction of faith. She has found that it is only in war movies today that the expression of faith is honored. In most movies and TV shows (viz. the recent CSI episode) people of faith are either nutjobs or cynical hypocrites. But it is in war movies where you find (mostly) men who express their faith in an honest and open fashion that is not ridiculed by the filmmakers.

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