Walking a fine line

Walking a fine line

Yes, I have now received about seven or eight emails at least forwarding me other people’s praise of the new A&E documentary called “God or the Girl,” following a group of guys discerning the priesthood. I’ve also received an email request from the show’s PR people to promote it on my blog.

Lots of other Catholic bloggers have posted information about it so I don’t feel the need to be redundant. As a reminder, my blog is about stuff that I have an opinion about. In general, I don’t like posting just links or excerpts from writings and leaving it at that. I have no interest in that.

And since I haven’t actually seen this show and I have no opinion about it yet, then I’m not blogging about it. If I watch it and have an opinion later, I’ll write about it.

There’s a fine line between being informative and being a shill. (And I’m not saying that others who have blogged about this show are being shills.) It can be a blurry line sometimes, and this time I don’t have anything to say about it.

I had the same opinion about the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast last weekend. I had an opinion when I was first asked to blog about it and had nothing to say about it after that.

Of course, now that I’ve blogged this much… But then I had an opinion about this topic.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • I am beyond cynical about Hollywood.  I haven’t seen any of the show, but here is my prediction:

    They will be “objective” in showing the young men/boys wrestling with a decision.  By subjecting this “conflict” to the cold glare of video cameras, they will appear strange.  And young.

    For example, they will show how the young men were raise, homeschooled (I’m guessing at least one of them is) and how they are unworldly, naive and completely out of touch with themselves and the world.  The more in a state of Grace they are, the more ridiculous they will appear on camera. 

    This is Michael Moore’s shtick; set up a cynical context, build trust, then let them say anything, because the context and editing will make them appear foolish.

    It’s just a prediction.  I hope I am wrong.