Wal-Mart reverses course and joins the abortion industry

Wal-Mart reverses course and joins the abortion industry

I try to be careful not to praise big companies too quickly for what appears at the time to be a moral stand, when in fact it may just be a business decision that will easily be reversed. A few weeks ago, many praised Wal-Mart for saying it would not stock the abortifacient “morning-after” pill in its pharmacies. That decision was short-lived. This week they announced they will sell it.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) noted that Wal-Mart relented to pressure by pro-abortion groups to consent to carry the morning-after pill, not in response to requests by customers.

“By all accounts, Wal-Mart’s decision came after a high-pressure campaign orchestrated by abortion groups like Planned Parenthood,” said Wendy Wright, CWA’s President. “There is not a great demand for the morning-after pill by Wal-Mart’s customers. Other pharmacies have also reported a lack of requests for the drug.

“This decision will artificially inflate the number of ‘sales’ to stock Wal-Mart’s stores. We expect that abortion advocates will use the artificially inflated numbers to make claims about the number of pills used. Yet a large number of those pills will be sitting unsold on pharmacists’ shelves. Wal-Mart will be stocking the drug but that won’t make women buy it.”

The goal of the radical abortion lobby is to make abortion so easily available and ubiquitous so that the stigma is removed. If women can just pop a pill and kill their babies, there is no need for abortion clinics outside of which pro-lifers can picket. They want it to be like taking an aspirin.

It’s the banalization of the murder of children. Congratulations to the world’s largest retailer for joining Team Moloch and alienating your red-state customers. (What they probably did was do a study of whether their primary customer base would stop shopping there if they did this and found that those shoppers don’t care enough. Indeed where else can we go? Is Target or any other big-box retailer any better?)

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Domenico Bettinelli