Waiting for baby

Waiting for baby

For those of you wondering, there has been no progress on the pregnancy front. Melanie’s due date is this Saturday and as of yesterday’s appointment with the doctor nothing’s imminent. No changes, no movement, no nothing.

Sometimes I’ll walk into the bedroom and find Melanie wistfully looking at all the baby clothes laid out for the baby. (Oh, the impulse to dress up babies is built in from the get-go.) And she’ll say to the baby, “Why don’t you come out so I can hold you and kiss you and dress you?”

Ah but babies start right off by letting us know who’s in charge. They’re born when they’re ready, they eat when they’re ready, they sleep when they want.  I’m sure it never changes throughout life.

But we’re ready. We couldn’t be more ready.

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Domenico Bettinelli