Waiting for baby

Waiting for baby

For those of you wondering, there has been no progress on the pregnancy front. Melanie’s due date is this Saturday and as of yesterday’s appointment with the doctor nothing’s imminent. No changes, no movement, no nothing.

Sometimes I’ll walk into the bedroom and find Melanie wistfully looking at all the baby clothes laid out for the baby. (Oh, the impulse to dress up babies is built in from the get-go.) And she’ll say to the baby, “Why don’t you come out so I can hold you and kiss you and dress you?”

Ah but babies start right off by letting us know who’s in charge. They’re born when they’re ready, they eat when they’re ready, they sleep when they want.  I’m sure it never changes throughout life.

But we’re ready. We couldn’t be more ready.

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  • Dom and Melanie:

    Speaking as a father of three, I mean this in the most gentle and humorous possible way:

    You are so not ready… smile

    But at least you recognize Baby is in charge, which is a good first step.

  • My impulse was to write exactly what Dale wrote, however…


  • As my oldest will soon be outgrowing his teenage years, I have been doing this parenting thing for a while. Allow me to paste from one of my recent posts:

    I love all my children and there are blessings and challenges with both boys and girls. When I began this parenting adventure I had this silly idea that children are much more a product of nurture than of nature. I tried buying my toddler sons toy brooms and kitchen sets. I refused to buy them guns or violent action toys. We don’t have guns in the house. The brooms quickly became rifles or long swords. Plastic chicken leg quarters became pistols. Very quickly I learned that each child comes with a unique personality and character. Boys are boys and girls are girls. They are not an empty slate that I complete. I influence them, but I do not create them. God has already done that.

    God Bless to all three of you!

  • When I said we’re ready, what I meant was we’re ready for her to come out. Yes, I know that we haven’t experienced parenthood yet and we know that there is a lot you can only learn on the job and we know, above all, that we don’t know.

    That’s what I mean by “we’re ready.”

    I mean this in the gentlest, most humorous way possible, but why do so many parents think scaring the bejeesus out of new parents with how terrible it’s going to be and stressing them out to no end beforehand is a good idea?

    Come to think of it, it’s only fathers who do that and I think that explains it. grin

  • Ah, don’t listen to these oldie fathers!  These new babies are easy…just put ‘em in your pocket and giv’m a m&m every now and then and all will be well!


    Joking aside, may God bless you, Melanie, and the little one.  Be assured of my prayers for a safe delivery and a blessed time with your newborn.

  • Dom,

    Ask any parent who “warns” you about the pitfalls of parenthood if they would do it again.  We’re just jealous because you’re starting on a journey that many of us have been traveling for a long time.

    My “baby” is 20.  Her three brothers are 22, 27 and 32.  Parenthood is like Christianity, nobody ever said it would be easy, but the rewards are greater than you can possibly imagine.

    Two of you will enter the hospital and three will come out.  If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

    God’s blessings on the new family.


  • It’s definitely a father thing.  The horror stories and the knowing laugh—all part of the fatherhood initiation ritual.

    Just our way of saying “welcome to the club.”

    It beats the snot out of frat hazing, doesn’t it?

  • Oh, and one more positive observation:  I handle my screaming/cholicy/fussy/etc. babies a lot better than, say, I did while babysitting my nephews and nieces.  Guadalupe is right—there’s a bond there that makes all the difference in the world.

  • The great miracle of love is how infinitely deep it is. I love Dom so much more today than the day we were married. I loved him so much more on that day than the day we were engaged… I find it hard to believe, but I know I will come to love him more and more and more with each passing year. We’re only just beginning our adventure together.

    And the same is true for the little one who is now the center of every one of my days. I love her so much now and I haven’t even gazed into those eyes or held those hands. (Or heard those screams and changed that diaper four times within an hour.)

    The joys of love are the joys of discovery. And the best thing is we’ll never come to the end of that journey. I’ve got it on good authority that as long as I don’t screw up too badly I’ve got all eternity to continue to grow in knowledge and love of my family and friends, and of course of God, the source of all this wonderful love.

    Thank you all for accompanying us as we set out… pray for us. I know we’ll need it.

  • I had a horrific time of it with my first – not at all typical.  However, it was not SO bad as to discourage me from trying again when she was barely 6 months old.  Our children are 15 months apart – thank you, God.  I was told I’d never have the first one and should not have the second. My own mother was the worst naysayer. Fortunately, dh & I didn’t pay any attention to her or anyone else who tried to discourage us.  I really couldn’t believe the idiots who insisted that I must feel cheated because we could not go the “natural” route & instead required c-secs.  We received two amazing blessings – what does the rest matter?

      Y’all sound like you’ll be wonderful parents and are as prepared as anyone can be for this momentous event.  May God continue to bless you all.

  • Ok, yeah. I’ve heard all the labor horror stories. (And the flip side, my sister-in-law who was only in labor for two hours and was ready to get back to work the next day!) On the whole, not helpful.
    The best was my sister’s friend, Kristin, who gave birth about a month ago. Because we were both pregnant with a first child at the same time, we were able to commiserate and share experiences throughout pregnancy.
    And because she’s about six weeks ahead of me, she’d gone through stuff right before I was but hadn’t had time to develop that knowing, just you wait attitude. Now, of course, I’m hearing all about the joys of her little boy, Evan.

    Is it the difference in the time gap that make one person’s sharing of their experience feel like comradeship and another feel like a “just you wait!” horror story?

  • Dom and Melanie,

    Our little girl is due on May 26th. Not quite so soon, but she’s already really big, and we’re very much ready for her to be born. She’ll be our third, and each time, we’ve experienced the same tremendous longing to meet the little one somewhere other than our dreams.

    God bless!


  • Our first baby turned 18 yesterday.  I so remember how much I yearned for her to be born, but she came a week late and had to be induced at that.

    She still takes her time about things, sleeps late, lollygags a lot. smile 

    I remember when they brought her to my room to nurse for the first time after the birth, she was wide awake and so beautiful that I gasped in wonder.

    Sweet, sweet memories….

    God Bless you, Domenico, Melanie, and baby!!

  • Melanie,it’s great fun for me to see Dom so happy with such you, your love for him and the two of you beginning a family together.  What a great thing!!

    BTW, Dom, Katie (Vargo) and Karl asked about you-told them your news, they are delighted as well.