You have to wonder with some Catholic clergy if there is a single infallible teaching that they think can’t change, or if they are so used to waffling that they put caveats in even the most clear dogmas.

A curial official of the Diocese of Sioux City, Iowa, commenting to a newspaper on the prospect, has more waffles than an International House of Pancakes:

“As of the Holy Father’s statement several years ago, the ordination of women is not on the table,” said Monsignor Mark Duchaine, episcopal vicar of diocesan canonical services. “I would never say never; but by the same token, as it stands right now, I don’t see it.”

In the rest of his remarks, Msgr. Duchaine remains clear on the Church’s teaching and why women cannot be ordained, so why did he start out with the ambiguous “never say never”?

If, as he says later, the teaching is “clearly the divine will,” then never is never. The Will of God does not change and neither will this teaching.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli