VOTF protest fizzles

VOTF protest fizzles

As predicted, the VOTF protest at Boston’s Holy Cross cathedral was a bust. Even the Boston Globe had to admit it:

    Neither was the event a major draw for protesters, a fixture for a year outside services at the cathedral. About two dozen demonstrators—a low turnout given that the protest was sponsored by five organizations—gathered in the rain at the cathedral, saying the Lenten program is ill-conceived. And two people inside the cathedral rose and stood with their backs to Lennon as he delivered his homily.

They are beginning to fizzle and they can’t even muster their own people to what they termed a major protest.

As for the low turnout at the Mass, as usual the bureaucracy didn’t do its job. The various parishes didn’t even get notice of the bishop’s request to send five people each to the cathedral until late last week. And unless you’re busing in the little old ladies from each parish, it will be difficult enough to get that many people to come to a Mass in the South End of Boston during the middle of the week in the middle of the day. So that doesn’t concern me. Even in the best of times, you’d have about the same turnout.

I think that people are beginning to get tired of VOTF and its associates in the protests. They see nothing being accomplished by continued complaining and whining and obstructionism and they just want to move forward. Most people are satisfied now that Cardinal Law has resigned, lawsuits are progressing, and new policies are in place. They think that something has been done and there are new things to worry them, like war and a bad economy.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli