VOTF is feeling left out

VOTF is feeling left out

With all the hoopla surrounding Boston Archbishop O’Malley’s installation tomorrow, Voice of the Faithful sounds like they’re feeling left out. They held a press conference yesterday asking O’Malley to establish a commission for a three-year “truth and reconciliation process,” of which VOTF would be a key element, of course. And they also have a six-point plan for O’Malley’s first 100 days ... of course.

It’s interesting what else they ask for: O’Malley to “accept” the attorney general’s report last week (What difference does it make whether he accepts it or not? It is what it is.) and for the archdiocese to reach a “fair and just” settlement with alleged victims. No, duh! Way to state the obvious!

And what would a VOTF press conference be without a demand that VOTF be welcomed with open arms into every parish and that its strings-attached contributions be entered into the Church’s coffers.

I wonder if there were any other reporters at the event other than the Boston Globe‘s guy?