VOTF head resigns

VOTF head resigns

Steve Krueger, the executive director of Voice of the Faithful, resigned abruptly yesterday. No reason was given.

The article is typically laudatory. National powerhouse? I don’t think so. Name one thing they’ve accomplished as a “national powerhouse”. And there’s the continuing fiction of 30,000 members. They’ve been claiming 30,000 since the first month they opened two years ago, and it’s long been established that the number includes anyone who ever signed up for their email list, including opponents and the media and the curious. It isn’t members. There is one bit of truth in it:

The group grew steadily as the abuse scandal deepened, but as media attention on the crisis lessened and the archdiocese settled with alleged victims, members drifted and the organization cast about for new directions.

That’s the mission creep I’ve been talking about. Looking for new places to stick your nose and remain relevant. Groups like this don’t go away when their “mission” is accomplished, they hang around, saying “Look at me. Remember me?”

  • The article misses something. Like, no mention of the real VOTF founder, Jim Muller M.D….the same guy who came up with the plan to reorginize the Church based on the U.S. Constitution. They never mention that anymore, but I’ve never forgotten it and still have the slide show which quickly disappeared from the group’s web site.

    Speaking of VOTF…the is-it-closed-or-isn’t-it Saint Albert’s the Great boasts a very active chapter.

  • Membership in VOTF makes for a good screening device, like membership in CTA.  Makes it easy to spot people you shouldn’t ought to listen to, retreat with or hire. 

    Maybe it will end up being the CTA of the East Coast?  CTA was founded in Detroit and moved to Chicago.  We still deal with these derelicts around here.  You East-Coasters probably will be stuck with the networking aspects of VOTF for a while like we are stuck with the networking aspects of CTA.