VOTF alarmed by lack of knowledge of Catholic Church

VOTF alarmed by lack of knowledge of Catholic Church

Voice of the Faithful sent the following press release around today:

Voice of the Faithful notes with disappointment the resignation of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton as auxiliary bishop of Detroit. We sincerely hope that it is not related to his recent statements in support of the passage of legislation for the extension of statutes of limitation legislation in Ohio and the revelation that he too was abused by a priest.

We hope also that this will not have a chilling effect on other survivors who are struggling with revealing the facts of their abuse.

Bishop Gumbleton has been a courageous spokesperson for greater accountability in Church affairs as well as for world peace. We hope the Bishop’s voice will not be silenced by his resignation and that he will continue to minister to his flock at St. Leo’s Church in Detroit and to Catholics everywhere who are comforted by his widely distributed column “The Peace Pulpit.”

As even Gumbleton himself made clear is his resignation letter last week, every bishop is required by canon law to submit to the Pope his resignation from office when he turns 75. Last year, when he reached that age Gumbleton instead sent a letter asking to remain in office. After a year of the Vatican telling him, no, that’s not acceptable, he sent his resignation letter, but now maintains that he expects it to have no practical effect on his ministry.

Meanwhile, Voice of the Faithful once again looks stupid, by attributing to malice what everyone involved acknowledge as business as usual. They continue their slide into irrelevancy.

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  • May the good bishop enjoy his retirement, and may he take up activities more suited to his talents such as line dancing at retirement homes.  As for VOTF, they did their “shock and awe” routine several years ago and now are fading away like the bit characters that they are.  Actually, given the fact that so many of them will also soon be line dancing at their retirement centers, perhaps they could get an early start behind their hero, Bishop G.

  • I’m pretty sure most who read what VOTF put out will be suitably outraged. If they actually knew and believed in Catholicism, they wouldn’t be VOTF. Either they only read selected materials or they don’t read for Truth anyway.

  • Well, yes, the bishop is for world peace.  I’m for world peace too.  Are you for world peace, Dom?  I think that’s great.  Now you say the same for me.  Sure wish I could get a job just being for world peace.  Say, maybe the bishop could now step into the shoes of Kofi.  He’d be a natural.