VOTF: a Call to Action re-tread

VOTF: a Call to Action re-tread

Father John Kiley gives his honest opinion of Voice of the Faithful in his column in the diocesan Providence Visitor newspaper.

On the contrary, it is my opinion that “Voice of the Faithful,” both locally and nationally, is simply “Call To Action” revisited. The past 40 years have witnessed liberal Catholic change-agents unite under various flags. Sometimes they rally flagrantly as with “Call to Action” and sometimes quietly as with “FutureChurch.” The accidents may change but the substance remains. They all subscribe to the National Catholic Reporter. Their heroes are James Carroll, Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister, Gary Wills, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and Father Richard McBrien. They have all inhaled deeply of the Spirit of Vatican II. They speak loudly about lay participation, whisper quietly about women priests and maintain a respectful silence about abortion. Their great joy is community building. Their great dread is clericalism. Their great error is their loss of faith in the supernatural character of the church.

Now there’s a priest who tells it like it is. Don’t hold back and give us all the truth. The Diocese of Providence is lucky (blessed!) to have him.