Volunteer of the year

Volunteer of the year

Catholic Charities USA has named its lists of finalists for National Volunteer of the Year. This is the sort of thing I would look at and say, “How nice for them,” and move on. But then one of the finalists’ names has been brought to my attention.

Clint Reilly is the president of the board of Catholic Charities San Francisco. His accomplishments as recorded in the news release appear primarily to fall in the realm of fundraising. Meanwhile, his wife, Janet Reilly, is running for the California state Assembly. Would you care to guess her position on gay adoptions facilitated by Catholic Charities?

Like the majority of Catholics, I believe the number one factor in adoption should be finding safe and loving homes for our children. For me, the choice is clear – we should put our children first by continuing the long time practices of Catholic Charities of placing children with any stable and loving household. To do otherwise, would be to discriminate against gay and lesbian Americans and it would also punish our children, many of whom are languishing in the foster care system.

Catholic Charities is an organization that works to find permanent homes for the hardest-to-place cases: preteen children, teenagers and the disabled. This fulfils a critical community need and one we cannot afford to lose.

Unlike the Archdiocese of Boston, which has now ended their adoption services, Catholic Charities in the Bay Area has not changed its position on adoption, and I hope they never will.

“Like the majority of Catholics…” Thankfully, the Catholic Church is not a democracy and never will be. It is a monarchy with our monarch as Christ the King.

And kudos to “Fr. Francis” who posts in her comment box links to Courage and the Catholic Medical Association for information on the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

So, I’m not saying that this is what Clint Reilly believes. He and his wife may disagree. But what are the odds of it? And what message does it send to consider him for volunteer of the year with this cloud hanging over him?

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