Violations of dignity and “good” Catholics

Violations of dignity and “good” Catholics

A debate was held at Boston College the other day moderated by Tim Russert and including James Carville and E.J. Dionne on the left and Peggy Noonan and Edward Gillespie, Republican National Committee chairman, on the right. It was billed as a debate on issues of faith and politics as they affect Catholics,  but it quickly became focused on a few specific and unsurprising issues.

he wide-ranging discussion, moderated by Tim Russert, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” and political analyst for “NBC Nightly News” and “The Today Show,” touched issues including euthanasia, same-sex marriage, economic policy, war and peace, federal funding of stem cell research and the Terri Schiavo end-of-life case as well as the nation’s changing voting patterns, role of the church in society and public policy and the connection between Catholic faith and practice by the faithful. But it was abortion, Democratic Catholic politicians, Catholic bishops’ denial of communion to pro-choice candidates and the Catholic voter that took center stage.

Peggy Noonan talked about the event in her most recent Opinion Journal column and how the coarse and degrading turn that the discussion took violated her dignity as a person and as a lady.

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