Vigilantes out homosexual priests

Vigilantes out homosexual priests

It’s one thing to desire a more faithful priesthood and even to take exception to priests of your diocese who engage in sinful conduct in public. It’s another thing to harass priests you suspect of being gay and outing them in public.

A self-appointed watchdog group in Scotland is seeking to purify the priesthood using whatever tactics are required. They’ve evidently never heard of “the ends don’t justify the means” and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and so on.

Catholic Truth, a right-wing newsletter edited by Patricia McKeever, has demanded that Edinburgh-based Father Ed Hone reveal his sexual orientation. She has even threatened to “doorstep” him unless he answers her questions. The tactics follow McKeever’s promise to gather information on same-sex practices in the Church. She launched her “heavenly witness protection programme” in the autumn, a scheme that involves naming gay priests. Catholic Truth believe outing gay clergy would be a “great work of charity”.

This is no better than the “brownshirt” tactics used by radical gay groups like “Act Up!” Zeal without charity is useless and is in fact easily turned toward evil.

Of course, this also gives people an excuse to lump orthodox Catholics in with people like this and call them “Catholic Taliban” and fundamentalists.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli