Vienna “gay blessing” not what you think

Vienna “gay blessing” not what you think

Folks have been sending me links to stories about the Vienna Cathedral rector offering blessings for gay couples, as if Cardinal Christoph Schonborn was somehow sanctioning homosexuality. This is off the mark.

Gerald Augustinus, a native Austrian now living in the US, has debunked this story at his blog by translating the original German reports.

The point Sullivan and Palmo made was that Cardinal Schoenborn had given his tacit placet to the official blessing of homosexual (non-marital/non-engaged in general) relationships, so to speak. Given the rules of the bishops conference and Cardinal Schoenborn’s being a part of it, that is simply not true, unless of course you think that Cardinal Schoenborn, editor of the Catechism, does not abide by Catholic teaching that he helped set forth in the Catechism. However, there is no evidence for such a stance, on the contrary.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions about single-sourced news stories in a foreign language, but they aren’t always what they seem.

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