Venezuela’s Chavez attacks bishops … again

Venezuela’s Chavez attacks bishops … again

Venezuela is on the fast road to becoming just another Third World dictatorship, with Hugo Chavez a junior Fidel Castro. The Church alone stands between him and the seizing of absolute power. The pattern of their disputes goes something like this: Bishop says Chavez is eroding democracy by his dictatorial moves. Chavez responds that the bishops are in a conspiracy against him and that are tools of the devil.

Thus, today Chavez accused Cardinal Rosario Castillio of conspiring against him.

“This is part of a provocation, part of a conspiracy, there is nothing innocent about this. It is a plot to destabilize the country,” Chavez said on his weekly Sunday broadcast. “I demand the Catholic hierarchy distance themselves from this ... the least we can expect is for you to reject this man’s comments,” he said.

So what did Castillo say that was so awful?

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