Vatican MVP

Vatican MVP

Tom Brady and the Pope Such a good Catholic boy. New England Patriots quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady met Pope John Paul last month, bringing his new girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynihan, along. (That’s her in the background.) Good choice, Tom. I’m not sure Tara Reid or Mariah Carey (women he’d been linked to in the past) would have made good matches for a papal audience. But Bridget sure sounds like a good Irish Catholic girl.

Tom’s a former altar boy, you know (and what Catholic guy above a certain age isn’t?). Do you think they discussed sports on Sunday? Maybe he got a special papal blessing and that will be what puts the Pats over the top for a repeat in the Super Bowl.

Now how can we get the Red Sox a papal audience? Or maybe what we need is an exorcism.

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Domenico Bettinelli