Varying reviews of “The Nativity”

Varying reviews of “The Nativity”

There have been several very positive reviews of the new movie “The Nativity,” including an “A-” from my favorite reviewer Stephen Greydanus at the Decent Films Guide.

while Stephen acknowledges that the driving religious sensibility behind the film is Protestant not Catholic, he says that’s not a problem:

If Mary’s perpetual virginity and Immaculate Conception aren’t affirmed, they aren’t contradicted either, and nothing here need be a serious obstacle for Catholic viewers. (Another venerable tradition, that Mary did not experience pains in childbirth, is also not followed, but this too is not Church teaching.)

However, those departures from Catholic tradition are more problematic for Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger, whose opinions on the movie were published at LifeSiteNews. He says that the depiction of a painful childbirth and the loss of perpetual virginity is a “virtual coup against Catholic Mariology.”

Mary as anachronistic rebellious teen

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