Using the threat of money to persuade the bishops

Using the threat of money to persuade the bishops

Seeing that the threat to prevent it from performing adoptions at all hasn’t deterred Massachusetts bishops from seeking an exemption from the law that requires Catholic Charities to allow gay adoptions, the radical lobby is ramping up the pressure. They’re now making threats that if Catholic Charities isn’t bent to their will, they’ll be cut off from millions of dollars. Fine, good riddance, I say.

I’ve said it before: True Christian charity, i.e. caritas, is not found at the end of a pen writing a check. Charity is an act of love from one person to another. A huge bureaucracy only absolves our consciences from the necessity of having to do the work of bringing Christ to another personally. I think the presence of a diocese-wide charitable agency that takes money from the state and secular agencies like the United Way creates a dampening effect for charity at the local level. There was a time when a family in need in a parish went to the pastor for help, or even more often, their neighbors knew it about the need before being asked for help. Now it’s often to Catholic Charities, a quasi-state agency where you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish it from any other non-Catholic, non-Christian agency.

So if the bishops continue to seek an exemption from the law, the United Way “will seriously review continued funding,” which was $1.2 million last year. Fine, keep your blood money. Who are you really hurting? The Church or the people in need? Interesting that United Way and its liberal buddies would hurt all those people who receive aid from Catholic Charities each year over just 13 adoptions in the past 20 years.

Why all the fuss over a few adoptions?

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Domenico Bettinelli