USCCB’s selective enforcement of its copyrights

USCCB’s selective enforcement of its copyrights

Last month, on October 20, I wrote that a dissident Catholic group had a copy of the USCCB document “Always Our Children” on its web site, in violation of the USCCB’s zealously guarded copyright notices. I wrote to the USCCB permissions office to ask them about this and their reply was:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We will research the history of the posting and take appropriate action.

I bet all takers that nothing would be done two weeks later. No one took me up on that bet, which is a wise thing because more than a month later the page is still there.

So do heterodox groups get special dispensation from the USCCB copyrights while orthodox Catholics who simply want to post references to the Catechism or Scripture or want to have a daily Lectionary podcast get smacked down?

[Thanks to Rick Lugari for remembering and reminding me.]

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  • Sorry, Liam. It would be a nice explanation except they have made it clear that the enforcement is not about money (they have refused permission even when offered money in some cases) and they have applied it to even very old documents that people wanted to put on their sites.