US bishops’ homosexuality statement “fatally flawed”

US bishops’ homosexuality statement “fatally flawed”

(I tried posting this yesterday and either my blogging software ate it or I flubbed it in my brain-dead state. Either way, I’ve tried to reconstruct it as best I can.)

Mary Jo Anderson, at WorldNetDaily, follows up on the US Bishops’ forthcoming statement on homosexuality, due out at next week’s meeting of the USCCB. (I blogged about it before here.)

The Catholic Medical Association has received advance copies and pans it as flawed because it ignores the medical and scientific literature on the subject, so they’ve sent along notations to certain bishops, including the facts that there is no genetic basis for homosexuality, that people move in and out of the lifestyle, and that rampant promiscuity goes along with an inability to form lasting commitments. The doctors point out that the statement fails to mention the destructive nature of same-sex attraction that is allowed to run rampant and that, in reality, the document shows a lack of understanding of the disorder and instead create “a sentimental invitation to live chastely and join parish activities,” which is like telling a child-molesting priest that he should shake it off, live chastely, and return to parish activities. Oh wait… Seriously, it treats same-sex attraction as just another life event and not a serious impediment.

Objectively disordered

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