Update on my mom’s knee

Update on my mom’s knee

I realized I have not kept you all updated on my mom’s knee problem since my last request for prayers. The short version is that she’s doing really well.

If you recall, earlier this year she had to have one of her two artificial knees removed because of a persistent infection and then had to wait several months for all traces of the infection to disappear, remaining wheelchair-bound for the entire time.

Finally, in June, she had a new knee put in, which was somewhat harrowing because we knew that if this one didn’t take, there was no other option but to do without. Thankfully, the operation was a success and a month later mom is now up and walking about. Yes, for the next eight weeks she has to take it easy and use a cane and be careful how she places her feet, but for the moment she is much more mobile than she’s been in a long time.

I’m still praying that she makes a full recovery and then some, but until then the situation is looking good. Thank you for your prayers. Thank God for his tender mercies.


  • Thanks DOM – God Bless you and all those who have kept me in their prayers, especially the family and friends.  Love you.