Update on my mom

Update on my mom

Here’s the latest on my mom, for whom I asked prayers the other day. She’s on the strongest antibiotics they’ve got and will be in the hospital for several days under observation. After that she’s going to be out of work for several weeks. From what I gather she needs to be very careful to avoid cuts and other wounds during that to prevent recurrence of the strep infection in her blood and her cellulitis.

On top of all that, she’s got pain and warmth and tenderness in one of her replacement knees and they’re not sure why. They might have to do some arthroscopic surgery to drain fluid and find out what’s going on.

It’s all very difficult for her and while her spirits have been generally good, she can’t help but be considering her own mortality. I’m glad I’ve been reading “Spe Salvi” because it helps when discussing this with her.

So your continued prayers for her would be much appreciated, as would your prayers for others who have asked recently, such as Jen and her dad.