Update on Father Dad

Update on Father Dad

It took national headlines and outrage to make it happen, but the Redemptorists are going to pony up more child support for the son of one of their priests. (I had mentioned him a couple of days ago.)

The provincial leader said the boy would get counseling and more child support, and the boy’s father would have to get counseling to learn how to be a proper father. You’d think that someone who didn’t know how to be a proper father to his own son would probably not be a great spiritual father to a parish, but what do I know?

The minister-general(?) of the province said he had not known how the order’s attorneys were fighting the case in court and was only told about it when the lawyers learned the case was going to appear in newspapers. Gee, do you think that maybe Catholic institutions should really keep a closer eye on how their lawyers are handling the various lawsuits they’re embroiled in? How sad that there are so many that they can’t keep track.