Universal indult talk again

Universal indult talk again

Yet another prediction that a wider application of the Tridentine Mass indult is in the offing, but this time it’s coming from a much higher source: Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez, the retired prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and current member of the Ecclesia Dei commission.

Of course, this isn’t exactly rocket science. My colleagues and I were discussing the idea of a universal indult the day Benedict was elected. And before, as a lark, when we were fantasizing about Ratzinger being elected.

In July I blogged about the Eucharistic synod next month and how after we can probably expect to see some movement on a universal indult. Some people were predicting a universal indult by the end of the year, but I’m still skeptical. I think we’re more likely to see it by next summer if it’s going to happen.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Fellay made some interesting comments the other day regarding how B16 has those on his left and “us” on his right and he is between the two factions.

    I hope that this good Pope has the fortitude to tell those on his left to kiss off if they don’t approve of a Universal indult.  It will take a lot of support from the Holy Ghost for this man to do it.  He is going to come upon a lot of opposition if he does this.  I pray for him.

  • Here’s something I haven’t heard addressed, although it might just be a minor point.  Recently, my own parish underwent a very small “renovation”.  All it did really, was remove the rear altar, which sat on a 2-step pedestal.

    Now, my own cynical thought is that these rear altars are removed with the intent of preventing any return to a Latin Mass being said.

    IF the pope grants a universal indult, would the Latin simply be said at the existing front altars?  It seems to me that a bishop or priest would use the convenient excuse of the lack of rear altar to deny having a Latin mass at a particular parish.

    Fortunately, I’m in Harrisburg, PA, and our good Bishop Rhoades wouldn’t be a problem.  But in other places…..

  • At Indult locations the “table altar” that has replaced the rear altar is used to say Mass. The priest still says Mass at ad orientum. Of course any reluctant, resistant priest and/or bishop will use any excuse not to say the Latin Mass once it is universally permitted. Because it’s doesn’t matter what the people what, the people are only allowed to want what the priests and bishops tell them they want!