Ugh, email

Ugh, email

I’ve spent the last 12 hours, on and off, trying to fix my email software, which has been slowly but surely giving me fits, and then giving up and transferring everything over to a new program. (I was using Microsoft Entourage for Mac and am now using Apple Mail).

This was complicated by the fact that I have been using Entourage and its predecessors for about a decade and I had the program highly customized and set up just the way I like it. So, of course, I had to move all those settings and customizations over to the new program. Urgh. Tedious data entry.

Unfortunately, it has kept me from any actual blogging until now, but I hope to get a few things posted today.

Aren’t computers wonderful time-saving devices? (Yes, I use a Mac, but note that it was Microsoft software that was giving me problems.)

  • I refuse to even launch the MS Office trial software on my iBook.

    I despise the Microsoft product line.
    If they get me, it will be for Excel. Can you even buy that apart form office

    I never got over the fact that Bungie Software (remember playing networked Marathon back in the day? In the office at night. C’mon. Let’s see a show of hands) went over to the dark side.