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Living the Long Defeat

At the Republican convention last week, internet entrepreneur Peter Thiel echoed a lot of fiscally conservative Republicans today when he told social conservatives to stop letting things like bathroom gender policies (and presumably gay marriage and... [Continue Reading]

Jousting in the Olympics

There's a movement afoot to get jousting into the 2020 Summer Olympics. Yes, jousting. Men in armor on horseback, knocking each out of their saddles with 12-foot lances. Sewell said jousting, which requires “a huge amount of skill and involves a... [Continue Reading]

The “Objective” Media

When the mainstream media is accused of being biased in favor of the Democrats, many journalists vehemently deny that such is the case. Perhaps many journalists are in fact unbiased reporters. In that case, when we have obvious cases of collusion... [Continue Reading]

Facebook Wants to Be the internet

The more you hear Mark Zuckerberg talk about the future of Facebook, the more you realize that his vision is not that Facebook become the biggest community on the internet or the biggest web site on the internet, but to become the internet itself... [Continue Reading] Will End TV As We Know It

Ben Thompson looks at Unilever's acquisition of for $1 billion and sees in it the seeds of destruction for massive consumer products companies like Proctor & Gamble. And because companies like Proctor & Gamble are the... [Continue Reading]

Liberal Neal’s Convenient Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun Rhetoric

Behold the carefully calibrated hypocrisy of the liberal New England congressman with a large gun manufacturer, in this case Smith & Wesson, in his district, Rep. Richard P. Neal. “My own position has always been: Be helpful in that every police... [Continue Reading]

Far from Safe

Radical pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave an interview to the New York Times over the weekend in which she discussed the recent ruling that overturned Texas' law that required abortion facilities meet the same basic... [Continue Reading]

Pokemon Uh-Oh

If you're one of the hundreds of millions of people playing Pokemon Go on your iPhone and you set it up using your Gmail account, be aware that you now have a huge security vulnerability: Let me be clear - Pokemon Go and Niantic can now: * Read all... [Continue Reading]

Beware of Counterfeits when shopping on Amazon

CNBC reports on the growing problem of Chinese counterfeiters gaming the system on Amazon. Just because it says "fulfilled by Amazon" doesn't mean that it's authentic. Always a problem, the counterfeiting issue has exploded this year, sellers say... [Continue Reading]