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Spoken Like a Man Who Doesn’t Own a Smartphone

'It's fetishizing our phones above every other value' So said President Obama in an interview at South by Southwest today when asked about our ability to encrypt our smartphones in such a way that national security and law enforcement agencies may... [Continue Reading]

On Chocolate Crosses and Irreverence

Melanie writes today over at Aleteia on chocolate crosses and the criticism that they are irreverent or even blasphemous. Except, we have a long tradition in the Church of consuming food shipped like crosses, lambs, the Eucharist, even hammer and... [Continue Reading]

Getting Rich on the Backs of the Poor (Adjuncts)

I've written about how higher education is just the next big bubble about to burst, how it's a grand scheme of a surfeit of schools putting millions into crippling with mediocre educations that leave them unemployable, unmarriageable, and living in... [Continue Reading]

Get the facts straight, Joe

Joe Bergantino, whose name is familiar to many Bostonians from his time as the local TV news investigative reporter, nearly breaks his arm waving it to get credit for breaking open the Scandal way back in 1992. It must be galling to see those ink... [Continue Reading]

Bon Appetit misses the point

In an effort to stay relevant, an old media warhorse throws away its advantage in order to ape the worst aspects of its successor. Bon Appetit's latest issue throws out all the usual professional photography and gives us 43 pages of photos of food... [Continue Reading]

Consistory to approve canonization of Mother Teresa scheduled

The Vatican has announced that the consistory to finalize the cause for canonization of Mother Teresa and five other blessed will take place next Tuesday. This is the final step in the process before the canonization ceremony is scheduled. This... [Continue Reading]

Questionable genetic counseling

The Boston Globe reports today that some genetic counselors are ordering tests during pregnancy without revealing their financial ties to the testing companies. And since some percentage of the tests will have false positive or false negative... [Continue Reading]

Hey, FBI, you got a 25% chance

What this study of four-digit passwords tells me is that if the FBI doesn't get a court order to compel Apple to create a version of iOS that allows them to try every combination of password on the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone without it... [Continue Reading]

Woohoo! We’re Number 1 …. Oh, Least Religious

The latest Pew Research poll shows Massachusetts ties for last among the states for religiosity. Only 23% say they attend worship services weekly, which is better than the Archdiocese of Boston in which 13% of Catholics attend Mass on any given... [Continue Reading]