Two peas in a pod: Brown and Milingo

Two peas in a pod: Brown and Milingo

I thought I’d blogged about this before, but I can’t find it so I must have read it on someone else’s blog. Did you know that Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, the now excommunicated Zambian bishop who went off an ordained five married men as bishops and married a woman in a Moonie ceremony has signed an agreement to help Dan Brown on a new project?

Asked if he though it was likely to convince Milingo to come back to the Church for a life of penance, considering the level of public exposure he enjoys and also considering he has signed a commercial agreement with “Da Vinci Code’s” Dan Brown to advise him in his next project, the official responded: “the Church works always on the assumption that the human heart can always open itself to God’s grace and come back to God’s path.”

Oy vey, can you imagine what those two are likely to come up with together? On the bright side, Amy Welborn, Mark Shea, Carl Olson, and Sandra Miesel will be able to get more books out of it. Refuting Dan Brown’s bizarre lies is becoming an industry in itself.

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Domenico Bettinelli