Two from San Fran. Archbishop Niederauer

“San Fran. Archbishop “very happy” about plan regarding homosexual adoptions”

Speaking to a local radio station on Sunday, San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer said he is “really very happy” about a compromise plan that makes it possible for Catholic Charities adoption workers in his archdiocese to refer homosexual couples to adopt children.

Wednesday, the California Catholic Daily transcribed an on-air interview the Archbishop Niederauer gave to San Francisco’s KCBS, in which the archbishop lauded a plan which sees Catholic Charities employees working for a subsidiary of Family Builders by Adoption, an agency which provides adoptions to homosexual couples.

[...] Catholic Charities San Francisco made the decision to close its adoption services after receiving clarification from the Vatican that Catholic organizations should not take part in the adoption of children to homosexual couples.  However, rather than removing itself completely from the adoption business, as its counterpart in Boston did a few months earlier, Catholic Charities San Francisco struck an agreement to pay workers who would labor for California Kids Connection, a web-referral service for the pro-homosexual-adoption Family Builders.

[...] “The most important person in the adoption is the child,” Niederauer also said. “Important as it is for couples to be able to adopt a child if they want to, it’s most important of all that the child have a home.”

But any home at all, at any cost? Let’s not forget that Pope John Paul II described the placement of a child with a homosexual or lesbian couple as a kind of spiritual or psychological violence. Yes, the most important person is the child and so we should not settle for a home in which they will be taught that sexual deviancy and immoral activity are okay.

Nancy Pelosi? That name sounds vaguely familiar

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  • I—along with most of the priests I know in the Bay Area—vote for dissembling. 

    For the third time in a row SF draws the short stick for archbishop:  Quinn, Levada, and Niederauer.

  • We need a Bruskewitz to be a REAL shepherd to the people of SF. When I was there about a year ago, I was struck by the a priest who at the doxology of the eucharistic prayer instead of saying, “through him, with him, in him, ….” replace Christ with him.  This is political correctness at its silliest, we all know Christ was a man. What struck me the most was this was a Church in chinatown and the congregants (except me) were all chinese.  I would imagine that some of the people there might have friends or relatives in China who are willing to take the risk of persecution by going to a true Catholic Mass in China, yet this priest was too wussy to even say a mass properly for fear of being labeled sexist.  And this was in the nation which is probably where people are the most free to do so.

  • My mistake, the priest in SF replaced “Him” with “Christ” so it said, “through Christ, with Christ, …”

  • Can anyone think of another explanation that reflects better on the archbishop?


    So disappointing when we need men of leadership….