Turning back the fraud on the marriage petition

Turning back the fraud on the marriage petition

The main group organizing the fight to protect marriage in Massachusetts, Vote on Marriage, has posted some news on their web site. First, they ask that people who think their signatures on the marriage petition may have been left off to contact them. Second, they note that the gay activist web sites http://www.knowthyneighbor.org and http://www.massequality.org—which are listing the names of petition signers along with their addresses—are facilitating intimidation of signers.

It has also come to our attention that there continues to be rampant intimidation of Massachusetts citizens by the radicals within the homosexual movement in this state. We have received phone calls from upset voters who are receiving harassing automated and live phone calls simply because they have exercised their right to participate in an initiative petition. These calls that claim fraud may sound official, but they are simply an intimidation and smear tactic used by our opponents.

The group has also said they will be contacting the state attorney general about possible fraud by the backers of these web sites.

Fraudulent complaints

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Domenico Bettinelli