Tribute to a fallen Marine

Tribute to a fallen Marine

Major Megan McClung, USMC, is the highest ranking female officer to die in Iraq. She was a public affairs officer in Al Anbar province, where the hottest fighting is right now. McClung was killed when an IED destroyed the Humvee she was riding in along with Army Capt. Travis Patriquin and Army Spec. Vincent Pomate. They had just dropped Oliver North and his Fox News crew and was heading out to escort a Newsweek crew.

Her colleagues in Central Command made a moving tribute video to her. Michael Fumento, who has been embedded in Al Anbar several times and written about it for the Weekly Standard, knew McClung and Patriquin quite well and has written about them.

McClung is being laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery this week. This is what her father said of his daughter’s sacrifice.

We know that Megan died doing just what she wanted to do and we supported her all the way. It is a shame that I cannot share all of the tributes with each of you, but if I could, you would realize very quickly what a wonderful person Megan was. Her credo as a PAO was: “Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone!” She lived her credo to the end.

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