Too much compromise?

Too much compromise?

Catholic University of America has settled its dispute with the NAACP over the formation of a chapter on campus. The university had forbidden it because the national organization is pro-abortion. So to settle the problem, the campus chapter said it will not “advocate any issue that runs counter to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

I’m not sure that’s a great solution since the national organization is still pro-abortion, and the presence of a chapter of that organization on a Catholic campus can cause scandal to those who don’t know the local group is any different. Would it be okay to have a campus chapter of PETA as long as it disavowed the blasphemous activities of its parent group? I don’t think so.

  • Your logic is impeccable, Dom. Would CUA allow a chapter of a national organization that endorsed anti-Semitism as long as the local chapter was neutral on such bigotry? After all, that is the extent of what they have offered. 

    While a chapter of an anti-life organization is unacceptable for the reasons you cite,  if CUA were going to barter its principles, why sell them so cheaply?

    Why not, at minimum, a chapter that goes on record urging the national organization to rescind its endorsement of murdering black—and white—babies in their mothers’ wombs?

    Only those who want to be deceived could l fail to see that CUA has struck the standard it has raised and replaced it with the white flag of surrender.  How typical! How disgusting!

  • I didn’t know the NAACP is pro-abortion, and I’m surprised. I would like to speak with a member to see if that person knows what eugenics is all about. It’s like my belonging to an organization founded by people who wanted Catholics to die out.