Tommy boy

Tommy boy

Catholic Exchange has a new profile of Massachusetts House Speaker Thomas Finneran. Finneran is that rare bird, a pro-life Democrat, a social conservative/fiscal liberal. He is arguably the most powerful man in Massachusetts, although he often finds his more conservative tendencies blocked by his liberal colleagues.

(It’s funny that the article says that Finneran is from an Irish section of Boston called ... Mattapan. If you’re from here you know why that’s funny. There are about as many Irish in Mattapan today as there are in Algiers.)

I suppose Finneran drives me crazy, just like George Bush drives pro-life Democrats crazy. On the one hand, Finneran has done yeoman-work preventing the worst excessives of the liberal social agenda from being enacted in Massachusetts (yes, it could be much worse), yet he drives me crazy with his fiscal, pro-tax, high-spending policies. Yes, compared to other Democrats in this state, he’s relatively restrained on fiscal matters, but that’s only relative.

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  • It’s examples like this that lead me to say that American Catholics are like an army without officers:  sure, you can fight and win a battle or two but there’s no way you can win the war.

    What can you expect of men like Finneran when the generals are running away in full retreat?