Tolkien trivia question and answer #6

Tolkien trivia question and answer #6

Wow, you people are good. Jeff got the answer and the extra credit. Phew!

The answer to yesterday’s question, “Translated from the Black Speech, what was written on the One Ring?”, is “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” The extra credit asked for the quotation in the Black SpeechL “Ash nazg durbatulúk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.”

I once told Melanie that I wanted “One Ring… etc.” engraved on our wedding bands. I don’t think she knew whether I was joking or not.

Today’s question is: What is the full title of the The Lord of the Rings. (No looking at your book covers or title page.)

The original blog post on this trivia feature is here.


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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    The Lord of the Rings:  THe Two Towers
    The Lord of the RIngs, The Return of the King

    This is my answer without looking at the books.

    Now, I’m looking at the books, and am not so sure anymore.  I think it would depend on the edition and whether you have it all in a single book or a three book set.

  • But the three books were published on three different dates from 1954-1955.  One at a time.

    So, when THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING was published, the last two books, while written, weren’t published.  So, this is open to interpretation

    I know, and since it’s your blog, only your interpretation counts.