Tolkien trivia question and answer #3

Tolkien trivia question and answer #3

It appears yesterday’s Tolkien trivia question was a bit obscure for some and others missed where I originally said that you should only look in the books when I tell you. That’s okay. We’ll improve the process as we go along.

Anyway, yesterday’s question was “What were Gandalf’s last words before setting sail from the Grey Havens?” Yes, it was a tough one, but “astorian” got it in the first comment: “I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are evil.” I really like that line.

Here’s today’s question: “What was Tom Bombadil carrying in his hands when the hobbits first caught sight of him?” Now, this might be tough for some, but real Tolkien afioconados will get it, so no looking it up in the books this time. (I promise to throw some easier ones in soon.)

Here’s a hint: He was carrying a gift for Goldberry.

Answer and a new question tomorrow.


The original blog post on this trivia feature is here.

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  • Paul is correct.

    They were for THE RIVERS DAUGHTER, GOLDBERRY (sorry I was late, since I was just commenting on old Tom yesterday)