Tolkien trivia question and answer #28

Tolkien trivia question and answer #28

Yesterday’s trivia question was “What important event happened on March 25, 2941 TA?” We had a variety of interesting guesses, including the very interesting tack of wondering if Tolkien would imbue some symbolism in the day being the Feast of the Annunciation and a traditional date of Easter. However, some of you eventually came up with the right answer, which is: “It is the date of the chance meeting at Bree of Gandalf and Thorin that eventually led to Bilbo’s unexpected adventure with the dwarves.”

Today’s question is from Tolkien’s own life: “How did Tolkien astonish his schoolmates in the King Edward’s Debating Society?” (King Edward’s was his grade school.) I know this is a tough one, so you’re allowed to look it up if you want.

The original blog post on this trivia feature is here.


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