Today’s Ukrainian announcement not a big deal

Today’s Ukrainian announcement not a big deal

Contrary to what one hyper-ventilating self-proclaimed successor to the dean of the American Vaticanisti claims today, the announcement of a new head of the archepiscopal see of Lviv for the Ukrainian Catholic Church is not a big deal. Rorate caeli explains that the supposedly revolutionary language is fairly common and in conformity with the Code of Canon Law for the Eastern Churches.

This is one reason why I think people should be careful in giving this kid too much credence. He doesn’t know as much as he tells you he does.

Oh and if he’s receiving “death threats” and “conservative fatwas” then I hope he’s reporting it to the police.

Update: RC at Catholic Light notices the same gaffe and expands on the explanation of how the “sniffish” and “fey” blogger—who apparently throws a tantrum when you don’t mention him by name and thus provide a stroke for his ego—made not one, but two errors in this Ukrainian matter. Re-printing on your blog rumors thrown at you by mid-level functionaries doesn’t make you a journalist and this is a prime illustration. Humility and experience would go a long way.

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