To collect spousal benefits, you must be a spouse

To collect spousal benefits, you must be a spouse

When is something that isn’t news turned into news? When it can be used to advance the liberal agenda. The Associated Press runs a breathless story that, for the first time ever (!), a congressional “spouse” has been denied a death benefit. Of course, the “spouse” is the male companion of the recently deceased former Congressman Gerry Studds of Massachusetts. Studds and Dean Hara were “married” in 2004 as a gay couple.

Obviously Hara cannot receive a spousal death benefit because he is not the spouse of Studds. Only in the bizarro world of Massachusetts were they considered legally married and Hara knows it. Every gay and lesbian couple who applies for and receives a marriage certificate in Massachusetts knows that it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on outside of the state.

So for Hara, and the Associated Press, to act “shocked… shocked!” that he would be denied spousal death benefits is insulting to the rest of us. And the taxpayers save the annual $114,000 of Studds’ pension.

[Thanks to Kelly Clark for the link.]

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Domenico Bettinelli