Tilting at windmills

Tilting at windmills

The people at the former St. Frances parish in Scituate, Mass. don’t seem to get it. They think that the reason the Archdiocese of Boston reversed itself on the closing St. Albert in Weymouth was because of a civil lawsuit they filed, so they’re doing so too. No, apparently the reason the archdiocese changed its mind was the sheer size and determination of the protest. (A decision I still disagree with, by the way.)

The basis of the civil lawsuit was not included in the article. (Seems like a basic piece of information for the reporter to neglect. If I were her editor, I would have been asking that question.)

They claim their parish was well attended. Once again, their attendance was one-half to three-quarters that of the attendance of every other parish in their cluster. Everyone acknowledges we had too many parishes (most thinking people do anyway), and logic dictates that where a smaller parish is situated near several larger parishes, then that smaller parish should close. But this isn’t about logic, it’s about hurt feelings.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli