Three sentences, five errors

Three sentences, five errors

The clueless media is at it again, promoting the silliness of self-proclaimed Catholic priestesses. (N.B. I find it funny that they use the awkward construction of “female priest” instead of “priestess”, although we all know the kind of images that would conjure.)

This time it’s the Los Angeles Times getting the facts wrong as describes the first simulated Mass of this simulacrum priest. Look at this excerpt and count the whoppers you find.

The Vatican’s position on women entering the priesthood has not budged, despite polls showing a majority of American Catholics favor allowing them to do so.

A Roman Catholic canon says only baptized men can receive ordination.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has not taken a formal position on the issue, but three of the American women have received letters from diocese officials warning that they had chosen to excommunicate themselves.

First, the Vatican’s “position” on any Church teaching is not budged one way or another by polls of any kind. Second, what are these oft-cited but never named polls? I’ve never seen an actual reference to the polls, their methodology, or their actual results. Are these polls just the fevered imaginings of reporters trying to push a biased point?

Three more errors to go

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  • Michaelus:  The Anglican’s do use the word Mother, to refer to their ordained women.