Thoughts from a Catholic journalist

Thoughts from a Catholic journalist

I had a conversation with a colleague yesterday after the Pope died. He reflected that he feels funny about seeming to capitalize on the Holy Father’s death, using his passing as means for us to earn our living. I agree that it feels funny, but I added that this is what our vocation is about.

As Catholic journalists we’re here to present the truth and to help make sense of what goes on in the world, and especially in the Church, and with the eyes of the whole world focused on the Church today, in a time of confusion and loss, we can make that happen.

It is for times just such as these that we have been chosen, not just for this job, but this vocation. To be a Catholic journalist is a calling and we serve not for our own good, and certainly not for fame or fortune (hah!).

It is a fine line to walk, but if we pray to the Holy Spirit asking for the grace to do our jobs well and humbly, we can do it.