Those pesky WMD

Those pesky WMD

So did you hear that they discovered WMD in Southern Iraq? Yeah, yeah, I’m sure everyone will dismiss it as yet more old stuff that pre-dates the first Gulf War. Of course, this time there’s the former intelligence officer and special investigator for the Pentagon who’s been waging a one-man war to get these four sealed underground bunkers suspected of containing chemical and biological weapons inspected for the past three years.

Yes, yes, any one man crusade risks success or failure on the credibility of that one man. Who is he? Why would there be a coverup? It all bears looking into. But I do recall that Iraq is a very large country, about the size of California, and Saddam was very motivated to hide WMD very well and he had lots of money to throw at the problem.

On the other hand, there’s this article about an Iraqi document that describes Iraqi WMD being moved to Syria before the war. Why would Saddam send his most potent weapons to another country? There is precedent. Before the first Gulf War, Saddam sent nearly all his air force to Iran for safekeeping, even though Iran was his mortal enemy. At least Syria is Ba’athist, like Saddam was. Of course, that’s probably more wishful thinking too. It’s certainly easier to believe Bush lied or was duped.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli