Those oh so tolerant proponents of gay equality

Those oh so tolerant proponents of gay equality

Over on a local Boston metablog, they note the KnowThyNeighbors database of people who signed the Massachusetts marriage petition and one commenter shows the “tolerance” which the proponents of so-called gay rights claim to exhibit and which they accuse us Christians of failing to show:

I checked the database to find my close-minded mother the only person in my entire neighborhood to sign her name. I’m ashamed and have a strong urge to go beat the ‘catholic’ out of her.

Note that the proud and courageous anti-Catholic bigot who promises to beat his mother hides behind “anonymous.” Scumbag.

(The first link above is to a mirror of the KnowThyNeighbors database put up by the pro-gay MassEquality organization because the KnowThyNeighbors site is experiencing a bit of traffic overload. Interesting that they omit the street addresses and don’t allow searching by name. Recall the MassEquality originally rejected KnowthyNeighbors’ attempt at voter intimidation.)

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