They would have been disappointed with Him too

They would have been disappointed with Him too

Diogenes has hit another home run today.

Taking on the liberal despair over the election of Benedict XVI, especially the liberal media, Diogenes offers a parody of what the news would have said about Jesus being named Messiah. You think he would have been called a doctrinal hardliner too?

Even some members of the Messiah’s personal entourage expressed misgivings.  The Rev. J. E. “Dimples” Iscariot, S.J., media consultant and associate editor of Marble Thighs magazine, did not hide his regret. “A missed opportunity, I’m afraid.  We in the Society of Judas traditionally enjoy a special relationship to the Messiah, but we’ll find this choice very hard to explain to gays and lesbians—I mean, of course, to gomorrhaists and sodomitesses—as well as to the divorced and the marginalized.  Why just the other day I saw 300 denarii, which might have been used to help find a cure for leprosy, squandered on wholly unnecessary ritual excesses.”

But the best line by far was an homage to the New York Times‘s styleof “unbiased” news reporting. Rather than spoil it, I’ll leave it for you to find it.